Grant Writing Tips

Grant Writing Tips

Keep it simple.  Please be clear and concise in your writing. It is not necessary to use complex language, to give excessive detail, or to write to fill up a page.

Ask for only what you need. We review budgets carefully and if it appears "padded" you are much less likely to receive funding.

Be Creative. We are looking for innovative solutions to issues/problems affecting children.

Embrace diversity. We  watch for applications that reflect an understanding of our cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic and geographical variety.

Consider the future of your project. We are interested in how you will continue what you are doing for children when our funding ceases. ACF only funds programs for one year at a time; we are more likely to support projects that have a process in place to build on what we contribute.

Follow the grant submission directions. Please be sure to read all dropdown help instructions about our new online application submission process.  You must also submit proof that you are a nonprofit organization.