Animal Samaritans

Humane Education Program 2018-2019 Grant Application

Project Overview

Organization: Animal Samaritans
Project: Humane Education Program
Contact Person: Kim Laidlaw
Address: 72120 Pet Land Place
Phone: 760-601-3754
Amount Requested: 15000
Purpose of Funds:

For the Critter Camp and new staff.

Number of Children Impacted: 12000
Impact per Child:

Six hours of education, arts and crafts

Ages of Children: elementary,middle school
Geographic Area: Entire CV
Time of Year: Summer,School Year
Needs Addressed: Art,Education,Recreation
Past Recipient: Yes
Information Forum Attended: CC

Project Details

Project Summary:

Animal Samaritans' Humane Education Program teaches children the skills and knowledge necessary to properly care for animals, and helps instill a lifelong sense of responsibility and respect for all living creatures. The curriculum is facilitated by a Humane Educator and consist of nine grade-specific presentations which includes lecture, handouts and video presentation.

In-classroom Presentations:
Each presentation includes a visit with a live animal friend and educational handouts for students and parents. Students in 1st Grade through High School are introduced to the importance of pet vaccinations, microchipping pets, and Spaying & Neutering. Presentations are available in both English and Spanish.

An added curriculum component also includes topics on anti-bullying to address aggressive and abusive behavior towards animals and people.
We also host summer critter camps for children in low income areas.

There is a large volume of literature documenting the positive social impact of our humane education program in all aspects of life and the mitigating impact on juvenile delinquency and crime in the surrounding communities. It boils down to a simple concept: If children learn to treat animals well, they are more apt to treat people well. If children are allowed to express their frustration and aggression by abusing animals, they will learn to express it on other people as well, perpetuating the cycle of violence and opening the doors to a future life of child abuse, domestic abuse and other interpersonal violence.

Abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans. Nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their animals. Countless more never leave the home for this very reason. Companion animals like cats and dogs may be threatened or harmed; the “link” between violence against humans and animals is clear.

Goals for use of ACF Funds:

The goal of the Humane Education Program is to increase awareness of pet care responsibility and safety and decrease animal abuse and neglect in the Coachella Valley Region of Riverside County.

The purpose of the program is to educate grade and middle school children on animal abandonment and abuse, as a means of ending the cycle of abuse against animals, which left unchallenged, often ends to abuse against people.

Our objectives for the use of funds are as follows:

1. Hire a Summer Camp Assistant to assist with our annual Critter Camp activity;

2. Purchase program supplies for Humane Education implementation;

3. Plan and implement the Critter Camp activity to 80 children at four camp sessions in Coachella Valley;

Reliance on ACF Funds:

Funding from ACF is essential to this program. If approved, this grant would represent 11% of our budget for this program.

We have also recently received funding from the Doyle Foundation for $30,000 and Walmart Foundation for $2,000.

Future Plans:

Ongoing efforts to sustain this program will include foundation, corporate and government grants as well as individual donations and special events.

We have pending grant applications submitted with the following funders for this program:

1. San Manuel Band of Mission Indians - $20,000;
2. City of Palm Desert - $10,000;
3. Walmart Foundation - $7,500;
4. Stater Bros. Foundation - $5,000;
5. Pechanga Resort & Casino - $25,000;
6. Henry Bull Foundation - $10,000

We anticipate that 75% of the children and youth who complete the program will achieve the following outcomes by the end of the grant period:

• Increased pet care, responsibility and pet safety toward animals among children and youth;
• Increased compassion and empathy toward animals and people;
• Decrease in animal abuse, cruelty and abandonment among children and youth toward their pets and the pets of others;
• Decrease in aggressive behavior, assault toward others and youth violence;


{"rows":[{"desc":"Critter Camp Assistant (325 hours @ $12 p/h)","cost":3900},{"desc":"Program Supplies","cost":3800},{"desc":"Critter Camp Activity","cost":7300}]}
Total Request: 15000


501c3: uploads/24387011_2157328_501c3 - Sept 2009 letter.pdf
Agreement Form: 16207186_25_Anderson Foundation - Signed Grant Agreement 0318.pdf