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Digital Storytelling Intensive 2018-2019

Over the past two school years, DIGICOM has expanded it's Story & Screenwriting Intensive Program, funded by ACF and launched in 2016-17. In 2018, over 350 journalism, English, and digital arts students from high schools across the Coachella Valley engaged in the critical analysis of digital storytelling at our DIGICOM HS Film Symposium with professional are concerned about. These can vary from celebrating the success of a family member to uncovering unrecognized aspects of discrimination or social injustice, school and life safety, family or community efforts.

This year the program is being expanded to middle school students particularly due to an emerging relationship with a Migrant Worker Education Program in Coachella Valley, where we will be focusing our after school program for CVUSD middle school students. We will continue our relationship with Project Involve to bring diversity to the valley as supported by the Anderson Grant over the past three years. That means hosting a symposium in the spring where

We invite and transport High School students from all over the valley to gain exposure to professional telling diverse stories. Although this year we will be working with the documentary division. Some of those documentarians will be visiting and teaching in the classes over the year. Middle School students will have a new program devoted specifically to them where the documentarians will visit their classrooms to help focus their stories.

Cross­Valley High School Digital Story and Screenwriting Intensive (2016-2017, 2017-2018)

The DIGICOM Story & Screenwriting Intensive Program for Teens (SSWIFT) is a project with two components. The first program segment will introduce the critical analysis of story to 500-500 video production, journalism, and/or digital arts students from high schools across the Coachella Valley. The students will attend Short Film Symposiums, which will expose them to a range of short narrative films and provide them with the opportunity to critically analyze storyline, visual storytelling technique, meaning, and theme. The second program segment will provide intensive screenwriting training to 20-30 selected high school students from across the Coachella Valley who show promise as storytellers. These students will be introduced to the world of screenwriting through the exploration of narrative structure, format, visual storytelling, story development, and voice. In both programs, Artist-in-Residence Ruth Atkinson as well as DIGICOM facilitators will help students learn. As a result, students will become digitally literate writers and consumers of media, prepare for higher education and careers, and become active, engaged citizens in their community and beyond.

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