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Indio Middle School Band

Indio Middle School

Instruments for Indio Middle School Band (2018-2019)

This project will provide instruments to students in need for the Indio Middle School music program. The Indio Middle School music program strives to ensure as many students who are interested in being in band have access to the musical instruments and equipment they need in order to be successful. It is our mission to never turn away a student for not having an instrument. While some families are able to afford purchasing their own instrument or a rental instrument, the reality of our school’s community is one of low-income, with over 94% considered as socioeconomically disadvantaged and as receiving free or reduced lunch (qualifying Indio Middle as a Title I School). For a majority of our families, they rely on the school to provide an instrument in order for their child to be involved in music. For the past four years, the IMS music program has grown from 120 to 240 students. There are now four music classes of beginning band (each with 30 students minimum), one intermediate band (with 60 students), and one advanced band (with 60 students). Through district and school provided funds, many instruments have been repaired annually to support and maintain the growth of this program. However, with the surge in student and parent interest, we are falling short of instruments in order to help all students who are interested in joining band. For the 2017-2018 school year, the IMS Band Club funded the rental of 25 instruments in order to provide students the equipment they needed, including accessories for each instrument. The generosity of the music student body has been incredibly helpful, but the strain to raise money for instrument rentals can be eliminated with the purchase of new instruments. The purchase of 34 new quality instruments would fill the gap that we currently have in our inventory so more students can be provided performance opportunities through school concerts, special events, and graded performance.