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Indio Middle School PE

Indio Middle School 

Physical Education (2018-2019)

Of the many subjects students come across in school, there may be none more important than physical education (P.E.). However, it's a subject that needs constant monitoring and modifications for students of every level. A high quality physical education program offers children opportunities to develop the skills, dispositions, and concepts needed to be physically active for life. Furthermore, regular physical activity not only helps prevent major diseases but it also promotes learning, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, and improves overall wellness. A student can excel in academics and grow up to become a successful doctor, lawyer or engineer, but with poor health any professional achievement becomes secondary. Over the past years, IMS has developed a great running program that helps students engage in physical activity. However, that is only a portion of the school's population. Our Physical Education Department are always looking into new ways to get more student engagement and develop a love for living a healthy lifestyle. One of our main goals is not only to concentrate on the physical portions of P.E. but also to educate our students to become empowered for their own healthy life choices. Our school is over twenty years old and very outdated on equipment.