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Marquee Academy of Performing Arts

Marquee Academy of Performing Arts

Summer Camps and FREE Classes Year Around 2018-2019

Officially what we do at Marquee Academy of Performing Arts is teach music, singing, dance and acting... What we really do is magic! When children walk through the door at Marquee, they transform. Frowns turn to smiles. Insecurities are replaced with self-confidence. Shyness and worries disappear as they join their musical friends and inspiring teachers. The 2018-19 ACF grant to Marquee Academy supports expanded after-school and summer enrichment programs with a "Summer Acting & Music Camp" (6-weeks, 5-days-a-week immersion) and "FREE Saturday Music Camps" throughout the year.

When children explore and develop their musicality, creativity and imaginations soar. FREE Saturday classes include Rhythm such as Drumming in a "bucket band," Singing and listening closely while singing solos or harmonies, and Dance. Students cheer each other on as they discover their "voices" and have fun making music together.

Dancing empowers children as they develop coordination, self-awareness and control of their physical bodies, mental attitudes and feelings. Strength, balance, self-discipline, confidence - teamwork, awareness and sensitivity to others flourish as they learn to leap and run silently in Ballet, or coordinate routines in Tap, Hip-Hop and Lyrical reflecting the rhythm, moods and stories in the music. Now in its fifth year providing music education for children, Marquee Academy has moved to a new venue in collaboration with the Palm Springs Cultural Center. Marquee's new classrooms are at 2100 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way; performances and community activities will be at the Palm Springs Cultural Center complex (formerly Camelot Theatres) at 2300 E. Baristo. This exciting and synergistic partnership positions Marquee Academy to provide even more music and performing arts educational and performance opportunities for children, their families and our community.

Year-Round Music & Performing Arts Education for Coachella Valley Children (2017-2018, 2016-2017)

Marquee Academy of Performing Arts provides music education, a performance venue, and an encouraging environment where children of all ages can explore and develop their talents. Most Marquee Academy students participate in two or three different classes per week, year-round, after-school and on week-ends - and during special Summer Camps:

  • Instrument Lessons - Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele & Drums. (Small group classes develop skills in music notation, ensemble, reading music, theory & rhythm.)
  • Dance - Exploration and movement/motion expression through Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap & Lyrical
  • Singing - Chorus and individual Vocal Development (with and without electronics & mics)
  • Theater Arts - Classes in acting & auditioning plus participation in Productions as performers and crew, back-stage and front-of-house.
  • Kindermusik® - Early childhood development music classes, ages 1 month to six years
  • Mentoring & Workshops - Presented by Industry Professionals; for students and families

Entering its fifth year, Marquee Academy has brought together an experienced teaching team of music professionals with global performing arts and industry experience - many of whom also have taught in our local school districts. Located in Palm Springs at 441 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Marquee Academy students come from every city in the Coachella Valley and as far away as Yucca Valley. Unique teaching methods, small-group classes, and one-on-one coaching engage students - creating an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, empowering them with life-long skills and joy that only music and performing arts bring to a child's life.

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