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Instrument Recharge (2017-2018)

The band program at Palm Desert Charter Middle School (PDCMS) serves to enrich the lives of students by giving them the opportunity to learn, play, perform, and understand music. Currently, the band program has an advanced band, an intermediate band, 2 beginning bands, 2 jazz bands, a parade marching band, and a competitive drumline. In 2012, the total size of the program was 110 students. This year, the total size of the program was 240 students. Next year, the band program is projected to be at 280 students. Each group, aside from the parade marching band and competitive drumline, meets every school day for 1 period. Each group is run by the Director of Bands at PDCMS, Willard Lacro. The marching band meets after school in the fall for 2 days a week (5 hours of total practice time each week) while the competitive drumline meets in the winter and spring for 2 days a week after school (5 hours of total practice time).  

With the greater exposure of the music program at PDCMS, it continues to grow year after year. While the program is hugely successful and continues to grow, we have reached a point where we need additional assistance to continue to meet the needs of the students. As the program grows, we become limited in the instruments we can provide for the students. At PDCMS, a student can either borrow an instrument from the school, rent an instrument from a music store, or purchase/own an instrument. It is recommended that students either rent or borrow an instrument. This year, all of the schools instruments in working condition have been used. Because of this, some students were forced to rent an instrument and in some cases caused a financial burden. The money provided by the grant will help to serve our students wishing to participate in the music program. This money will help repair some of our older instruments, purchase new cases to protect these instruments, and purchase new instruments. The goal of this project is to provide quality instruments for the students at PDCMS. 

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