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You Had Me At "Cello" (2017-2018, 2016-2017)

The Palm Springs High School Strings program consists of the symphonic orchestra, stringed orchestra, beginning strings class, string quartets, classical guitar ensemble, and beginning classical guitar classes. We have requested the purchase of 3 cellos, 3 basses, and some strings for our older instruments.

Students who desire to learn and perform on larger instruments such as the cello and bass have a severe disadvantage do to the size of the given instruments. Unless the student owns a truck, it is nearly impossible to transport the instrument between school and home every day. Many public transportation services such as the public buses will not allow students with cellos or basses on board.

We have requested to purchase these instruments so that the students who play these instruments can have a “practice” instrument at home as well as one at the school for in class use. We are 3 cellos and 3 basses away from having a full orchestra worth of larger instruments. Once we obtain these last remaining 6 instruments, we will only need to upkeep our instruments in the future.

When purchasing larger instruments such those being requested, the shipping and handling is often times more expensive than the actual instrument. By purchasing these instruments all together at the same time, we are able to save money on shipping rates by sending one large crate. Smaller instruments needed for the program such as violins and violas can be purchased through fundraising by the PSHS Strings students.

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