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Art with Heart (2018-2019)

Ground breaking Art with Heart continues to focus on mentoring at-risk teens and gang invention and prevention. These innovative art classes include kids who have been bullied, beaten, physically and sexually abused, outcasts, teens who resort to violence kids who are trapped by poverty and hopelessness. AWH is a lifeline for children who have been discarded.It brings humanity to education. AWH helps kids graduate with art for credit classes at Wenzlaff Education Center and Mt. San Jacinto Alternative High. These innovative art classes add creative expression and culture to a bare-bones education. It is a much needed vehicle for leveling the playing field. AWH students participate in art exhibitions, opening up possibilities. AWH is team-taught by award-winning artists, Meridy Volz and Luiz Castro (2017 recipient of the Shiney Apple Award). They will be assisted by apprentice, continuing the mentoring. We will coordinate with Louisa Castrodale (PSUSD). Art with Heart has been extremely successful in mentoring thousands of troubled kids for a decade. Meridy Volz began AWH as a program for incarcerated kids in Juvie (2007-9). In 2010, AWH worked with street kids in DHS at the First Community Baptist Church. From 2011 to the present AWH has held classes at Alternative High Schools. Over the decade, Art with Heart has saved lives. We have turned angst into art, offering creative expression as an alternative to teen suicide, crime drugs, violence and hopelessness. We have seen self-esteem rise from the depths, and it is here that possibilities open up and hope returns. AWH students have won numerous awards for their art. Art can be transformative, changing lives, turning outcasts and thugs into respected members of the community.