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Pegasus Therapeutic Riding

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding

Therapy Cost for 11 Children-Thermal CA (2019-2020)

The work of Pegasus must continue to focus on reaching out to the working poor and indigent families where health care for “special Needs “children is almost non-existent. Inclusiveness is embedded within all of our philosophies, strategies and activities. We focus our 38 +years of expertise gained via our program in achieving community impact especially for the working poor, the indigent and the disenfranchised.

Thanks to the Anderson Foundation 11 children with 10 different maladies from The John Kelly Elementary School in Thermal began Pegasus in May. They will be back in Oct.- May 2020 . Their paper work was complete. The Pegasus Mission states no child will ever be turned away. We did not have the budget for these new clients. We took a risk that we could find financial aid to help pay for therapy. We are deeply indebted to the ANDERSON FOUNDATION for this grant. We believe in taking risks to support solutions to community problems, Anderson helped taking the risk into reality.

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Pegasus serves more than 200 disabled children and adults, most of whom come by bus, at no cost, from all of the Special Needs classes throughout the Riverside Unified School District. Disabled adults can attend classes on Saturdays, when private riding is available. Specially trained therapy horses and ponies are ready to patiently carry their riders each week, Wednesday through Saturday, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, in 30- minute sessions. "The Pegasus horses are the heart and soul of the organization." They are donated, adopted and retrained to be therapy horses, and they will live the rest of their lives at the Pegasus ranch, under the care of Virginia Davis, Ranch/Stable Manager. Pegasus is always seeking volunteers, so please call 760-772-3057 for more information. The Pegasus Therapeutic Riding ranch is at 35-450-B Pegasus Court, in Palm Desert, next to Xavier School on Chase School Road.

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