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Red Hot Ballroom

Red Hot Ballroom

Red Hot Ballroom After-School Children's Program (2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017, 2014-2015)

The Red Hot Ballroom (RHB) Children's After-School Ballroom Dance program starts in September, at the beginning of the school year, and ends in May of each year with a district-wide ballroom competition. RHB is in all three school districts in the Coachella Valley. Nine (9) schools in PSUSD, Sixteen (16) schools in DSUSD, and Thirteen (13) schools in CVUSD. RHB provides 30 weeks of on-site after school ballroom dance instruction, by a professional ballroom dance instructor, to teach ballroom dance to the afterschool teachers in each school district. Those teachers, in turn, go back to their school sites and teach the dances to their students. In 2016-17 there were 1008 students in the program.

RHB also recruits, trains and places volunteer "Dance Amigos" in each school district to support teachers with instruction of their students at their school sites. In May, at the close of the school year, a Ballroom Dance Competition is held in each of the school districts where RHB provides all students with formal dance wear and shoes to perform in. The ballroom dance instruction, dance outfits, shoes, and the dance competition are completely free to all students. RHB is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.

There is a great need in our schools in the Coachella Valley to provide young students with the social skills to successfully interact with each other in a positive respectful way; learn manners in terms of how they behave in group social situations, feel positive about themselves by learning and accomplishing a skill; and, participate in weekly healthy physical activity. While sports activities and other art programs can provide these skills, we believe learning to dance is not only the best way to instill these positive attributes, but also provide children a skill they can use their entire life.

Feedback from school teachers; administrators, and parents indicates our program has been an overwhelming success in accomplishing our goals and that is why it continues to grow in each school district. Our motto is "We help teach life's basic dance steps" and really believe that learning the discipline of Ballroom dance at a young age will help an individual cope with social challenges and pursue an active lifestyle as they mature.

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