Angel View

Angel View Children's Outreach 2018-2019 Grant Application

Project Overview

Organization: Angel View
Project: Angel View Children's Outreach
Contact Person: Patti Park
Address: 67625 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 7A, Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760-329-6471
Amount Requested: 25690
Purpose of Funds:

Angel View Children's Outreach

Number of Children Impacted: 350
Impact per Child:

20 hours av per child

Ages of Children: preschool,elementary,middle school,high school
Geographic Area: Entire CV
Time of Year: Ongoing
Needs Addressed: Education,Fitness,Food,Health,Recreation,Shelter,Special Needs,Technology
Past Recipient: Yes
Information Forum Attended: CC

Project Details

Project Summary:

Since 1954, Angel View has provided residential services to children and adults with disabilities. Angel View Outreach meets the previously unmet needs of local children with disabilities who live in their families homes (not ours). Each year, our Outreach specialists meet with some 350 families to assess their children’s individual needs. Once children's medical conditions are verified by their physicians, we provide assistance in a variety of ways. We offer resources and referrals and help accessing services; transportation reimbursement for miles traveled accessing specialty pediatric care; mini-grants for medical equipment, supplies and services not covered by insurance; activity sponsorships for programs that accept children with disabilities (like AYSO VIP soccer leagues); and support groups. All services are provided at no cost.
In addition, when needed, we offer more individualized case management around issues that affect children’s health and well-being. For instance, parents may not know how to calendar kids’ medical appointments and arrange transportation, or plan for contingencies (like a car breaking down) that can cause children to miss critical monitoring appointments with their doctors. And because the whole family is affected by a child’s disability, often, siblings will feel neglected and start acting out – missing school or getting into trouble. Our case managers meet with families to set mutually agreed upon goals and follow up regularly. Our goal is to create more stable family environments in order to support the children with disabilities.
Angel View Outreach was designed to be flexible. When we discover additional unmet needs, we seek to add services to fulfill them. Recently, we were asked to attend children’s IEP meetings. It’s proven to be of great value to have our case managers advocate for our clients and help parents understand the outcomes, documentation needs, etc. after the meetings. We will increase this activity in FY 2018-19.

Goals for use of ACF Funds:

The overall goal of the Children's Outreach Program is to improve the health of local children with disabilities. In fiscal year 2018-19, we will serve approximately 350 children at a cost of approximately $350,000.

If we are awarded a grant from ACF, we will allocate the funds to provide specific assistance to 50 of the 350 children.

We will utilize funds to:
• Meet with families, perform initial intake; assess 50 children's needs
• Verify the children’s medical conditions with physicians
• Based on assessments, provide individualized resources and referrals to safety net programs
• As needed, help families apply for children's benefits
• Provide ongoing case management services to 20 of the 50 children in an effort to stabilize their home/life situations.

Overall, the average cost per child for Angel View Outreach is $1,000. The average cost per child for services to be provided by ACF funds is $513.80.

Reliance on ACF Funds:

Angel View Outreach is funded entirely through philanthropy; all services are provided at no cost to clients. We must raise the entire $350,000 cost of the program through grants, donations, fundraisers, etc. So your support is critically needed!

In July 2016, we were awarded a two-year $144,600 grant from Desert Healthcare District which enabled us to launch the case management component of the program, but it expires on June 30, 2018. That is the reason we have increased our request to ACF from $15,000 last year to $25,690. Of course we will work diligently to try to raise the rest of the needed funds - but if we are not successful, some kids will not be served, which would be terrible! We truly need your support to continue this vital work! We also appreciate your past support.

Future Plans:

Our board and management are extremely committed to Angel View's Children's Outreach Program. It's so costly to raise a child with a disability (4x the cost of an able bodied child) we are determined to continue providing all services at no cost to local families.

We plan to continue providing and refining the program based on information we glean from serving clients. For example, as previously explained, because it has proven so helpful to the children we assist, in FY 2018-19, we will increase the number of IEP meetings we attend with families. As new needs arise, we will work to deliver solutions.


{"rows":[{"desc":"Conduct intakes on 50 local children with disabilities; assess needs ","cost":5505},{"desc":"Provide free resources/referrals to 50 kids with disabilities; help them access services","cost":5505},{"desc":"Provide ongoing case management services for 20 of the children with disabilities","cost":14680},{"desc":"Based on blended loaded rate for 2 bilingual licensed marriage family therapists (MFT's) of $36.70 per hour","cost":0},{"desc":"3 hours per intake; 3 hours per child for resources/referrals; 20 hours per child for case management","cost":0},{"desc":"Total of 700 hours to assist 50 children with disabilities @ $36.70/hour (incl benefits)","cost":0}]}
Total Request: 25690


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Agreement Form: 16204758_25_Certification - signed.pdf