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About Families

About Families

Mariposa Parent-Child Workshop (2019-2020)

Mariposa Parent-Child Workshop is a cooperative preschool and early childhood program serving families in the Coachella Valley. About Families Inc., a 501c3, is the founding and parent organization that provides the instructors and leadership, to guide Parent Education in the Cooperative Preschool lab setting and parent education evening class.

The children’s program is a cooperative preschool, licensed by the State of California Community Care Licensing. Children may participate two or more mornings per week, under the supervision of two to four trained teachers. Under the guidance of caring parents, as well as trained professionals, children are encouraged to develop a positive self-concept and to actively construct an understanding of the objects and people in their environment.

Mariposa offers children a rich learning environment in well-equipped indoor and outdoor spaces. Books, music, drama, blocks, tricycles, climbing structures, swings, animals, paints, puzzles, sandbox, gardens and games are all part of the daily activities.

As children leave the love and security of their family circles, our friendly and welcoming school community awaits them. The Mariposa play environment supports children in learning to enjoy and learn from other children and relish in the many new experiences.

For parents, we provide the opportunity to gain insight into their own and other children’s development. The evening classes are planned by the instructor and adult students to meet individual and collective needs. A flexible and evolving curriculum may include child development, early childhood curriculum, parent child relationships, and cultural and social factors, affecting families. The whole family benefits from the cooperative learning experience as a result of each parent seeing their child in the school setting and by exchanging ideas with other parents.

The class utilizes a variety of resources such as guest speakers, panels, group discussions, and videos, which provide a forum for exploring issues in child development and society. The lab experience helps parents and other adult students understand the process of human growth and development and the principles of early childhood education. We welcome all families to share in creating an optimal atmosphere for parents and children to grow together. Saint Andrew Community Presbyterian Church is the location of our school.