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Academic Solutions USA

Academic Solutions USA

CV Comprehensive Gifted Programs

"Financial training: Academic Solutions USA is using $5,000 from the Anderson Children's Foundation grant as seed money for 10 gifted students to invest after training by financial advisor, Erica Espinola.  Our plan will continue into the 2019/2020 academic year wherein we will add components of emotional support and a service learning project.

 Twice-exceptional case study and class preparation: Academic Solutions USA is using the remaining funds to provide support to a twice-exceptional, or 2e, student in the Coachella Valley.  2e students are those who have giftedness concomitant with a disability.  We are providing gifted identification through multiple assessments and working with the student to improve his educational environment.  We are also working to create at least one 2e classroom in the Coachella Valley, with hopes of expanding these classrooms to all districts in the Valley.


We thank Anderson Children's Foundation for making all this possible."