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Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City

Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City

Special Needs Specialty Staff (2018-2019)

Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City Special Needs Developmental Program Every day after school numerous special needs school buses pull up to the Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City (BGCCC) and drop off children that appear all across the special needs spectrum. The parent's desperately need child care for their special needs children. And these children are in need of skills development for successful daily interactions and integration into their adult lives. BGCCC provides a safe, inclusive, learning environment for these children. Through a Special Needs Specialty Staff the Club is able to provide more of a one-on-one supervision and developmental activities for these youth.

Middle School / High School Retention Intervention Support (2015-2016)

Power Hour/Project LEARN - Is homework help and tutoring, high-yield learning and leisure activities, parent/adult involvement, collaboration with schools, and Incentives.

Summer/School Holidays - "Brain Gain" - Weekly thematic modules build to a final, culminating project or event. Many of the weekly modules are based on project based learning principles and involve working in groups.

VISTA College Resource Center - Starting in middle school members are being supported, mentored, and trained with the tools and skills to promote grade level and to graduate from high school on time. As well as prepare and apply for their secondary/vocational education.

Middle School / High School Retention Intervention Support (2014-2015)

The Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City’s “Off Track/School Vacation Enrichment Program” in math, art, and reading helps prevent school loss and supports retention during the children’s time out of school. The average summer learning loss is one month, but lower-income students experience 2-3 months of learning loss. This upcoming year we have an emphasis on reading. We have found that too often kids are being promoted in school yet they are behind in their reading levels. We have an Educational Therapist coordinating our program to support daily reading through PSUSD recommended summer reading list and computer based learning. In addition, there is high yield learning activities such as word scrambles, boggle, hangman, and site word bingo. Our pilot program last year showed that 70% of the participants maintained their reading level while 30% increased reading level.