Anderson Children's Foundation

Cathedral City High School

Cathedral City High School

Wrestling mats (2018-2019)

The Cathedral City High School wrestling team is an athletic organization that strives to set themselves apart from traditional athletics teams.  Each of our 50 plus members are true student athletes who last year completed over 300 hours of community service with a goal to reach over 500 hours this current school year.


Due to recent budget cuts to athletics programs across the valley and state normal items that are regularly replaced have had to be extended in life whether the item is serviceable or not. 


The wrestling mats we are able to purchase with the help of Anderson Children’s Foundation is going to greatly improve the quality of life for these wrestlers.  We are looking forward to reducing injuries by providing them a space and mats to protect them.  We will also free up time that would have been used to make a small amount of money fundraising to volunteer for local charities.