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Coachella Valley High School Music Dept.

Coachella Valley High School

Piano Lab (2018-2019)

I intend to purchase a piano lab for my piano class at Coachella Valley High School. This lab gives me the capability to plug all of my piano students into a central system with headphones. It will allow me to listen to each student individually, or in groups, as they practice their lessons. currently, all students play out loud at the same time, which is very distracting and noisy. This system is used all over the country in similar classes. The students have privacy in their practice sessions, and can learn much more efficiently as they can only hear themselves, unless the lesson is one for the group as a whole. This allows the students to proceed at their own pace, without fear of being heard by the rest of the class. It allows the teacher to communicate with individual students or the class as a whole. Wayne Abravanel Coachella Valley High School Music department.

Instruments for Music Department (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018)

The Coachella Valley High School Mighty Arabs are steeped in heavy tradition. Coachella Valley High School is the oldest school in the Coachella Valley and is over 100 years old. The Mighty Arabs are owners of several Drum line championships, numerous SCSBOA Superior performance, and been invited to performance in numerous prestigious parades. The Coachella Valley High School Band has 50 to 100 students per year. These students come from the rural areas of Coachella and Thermal. Many of them have severe social-economic disadvantages, but are hardworking and dedicated to their craft. These students cherish every chance to get out of the Coachella Valley to see what the world of music has to offer. The Coachella Valley High School Mighty Arab Band would like to thank the Anderson Children's Foundation for this funding. It will be able to provide instruments for those who otherwise would not have the means to purchase one.

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