Anderson Children's Foundation

Grant Writing Tips

Grant Writing Tips

Keep it simple.  Please be clear and concise in your writing. There is no need for complex language, excessive detail, or filling all the space.

Ask only for needs of specific project. We look for budgets that provide clear descriptions of what ACF funds will be used for.

Be creative. We love innovative projects that enhance the lives of children. The priority of ACF is to nurture direct impact on young people by promoting health, developing skills, cultivating creativity, and expanding horizons.

Embrace diversity. We serve all children.

Consider the future.  ACF funds programs for one year at a time. We are more likely to support projects that will build on what we contribute.

Follow directions carefully. Make sure to read all instructions as you complete each section of your grant application.

Start early.  Please allow yourself time to work through any potential technical challenges. We review applications as they arrive and appreciate receiving submissions before the due date.