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Jewish Sunshine Circle

Aleph Schoolhouse Educational Enhancements (2017-2018)

Aleph Schoolhouse is a day school and after school program in Palm Desert that provides excellent combined secular, Judaic and Hebrew Language education to students from toddlerhood through elementary. Our school provides a rich, social and academic atmosphere to nurture the growth and development of each individual student. Our goal is to foster happy, confident, successful children with a great love for learning and a deep sense of their identities. Aleph Schoolhouse Educational Enhancement proposal aims to broaden the current educational offerings of Aleph Schoolhouse. The grant will allow us to improve the quality of classroom materials and provide additional training and resources for our staff in the subjects of Judaics, Hebrew language, English literacy, arts and science.

Our school prides itself on its diversity, serving families from every walk of life and socio-economic background, and hold true to our philosophy that no family will be turned away from our program due to a lack of funds. We therefore work with private donors and local foundations to provide excellent education and foster respectful, socially conscientious, life-long learners. The educational enhancements to our classrooms through the Educational Enhancement grant request will go a long way in achieving these results.

Contact Person: Shaindy Friedman

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