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LQHS Art Club Field Trips

The La Quinta High School Art Club offers a yearly fieldtrip to an art destination outside the Coachella Valley. These trips are in high demand and are prohibitive to many students because of the fees. This year, thanks to the Anderson Children's Foundation, the LQHS Art Club is offering a free field trip to the Huntington Library, Art Collection and Gardens.

67% of La Quinta High School students are from low-income families eligible for free or reduced-priced meals. Many of these students never have the opportunity to leave the Coachella Valley for cultural enrichment reasons. Art experiences in a student's career have been shown to encourage critical and creative thinking which are greatly needed for advancement in core subjects such as math, ELA and science. Studies have shown that educational trips contribute to better student outcomes in school and beyond. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status, youth who take educational trips have better grades and higher graduation rates from high school. For children in the Coachella Valley, specifically at La Quinta High School, seeing and experiencing things first hand, outside of their usual environment can increase confidence and inspire them to achieve new skills.

The La Quinta High School Art Club students contribute yearly to art shows around the Coachella Valley. Members are visible throughout the community and submit artwork to shows at the Date Festival, Congressional Art Competition, Desert Art Center, and La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship. There is a permanent, revolving, show at the Desert Sands District Office. Most recently, students received awards and recognition at the Palm Springs Art Museum Creativity Awards and displayed artwork for Art Night/Literature Live at the Old Town Artisan Studios in La Quinta.

This fieldtrip to the Huntington Gardens is designed to expand opportunities for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, and impact their knowledge and interest through exposure to arts and cultural events outside the Coachella Valley. The ability to offer high quality arts experiences will reduce barriers to arts education and keep students engaged in the creative arts.

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