Anderson Children's Foundation

Literacy Project

The Literacy Project

Provide Literacy to Children in the Coachella Valley (2018-2019)

It is our hope that every second grade student is given the chance to have a solid foundation of English skills to advance their literacy development. This critical age, referred to as "the literacy gap," is when a child becomes equipped with literacy skill that last a lifetime.


To accomplish its mission, TLP accesses and enhances key phonic skills among struggling readers in second grade; promotes learning in a fun, social and interactive environment; uses proven methods to maximize the learning experience; and fosters self-sufficiency and economic success through academic and attitudinal achievement.

TLP offers a comprehensive instructional program that improves both academic and attitudinal levels of students performing well below English proficiency standards. The academic segment utilizes a reading game, which was co-developed by The Regents of the University of California. Aligned with Common Core and collaborative learning methods, TLP conducts 30 one-hour sessions, five days a week, during a six-week program cycle during daytime instruction to groups of up to six children. We conduct three cycles of teaching each school year: Fall (September - November), Winter (January - March), and Spring, (April - June). The program is administered by TLP's Master Teachers who are highly credentialed as reading and language arts specialists. The program is provided at "no cost" to both the school and at-risk students in the second grade. The program teaches the fundamental principles of phonics and literacy in all three learning modalities-auditory, visual and tactile-critical to children with varying learning styles.