Anderson Children's Foundation

Eastern Coachella Valley for Change

Mentorship Program (2021-2022)

The ECV for Change mentorship program is a 3-year program for at-promise high school students in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. In our inaugural year, we successfully recruited 30 at-promuse high school sophomores - ECV for Change Tees - across the Coachella Valley to participate in and benefit from a carefully curated program curriculum devised by ECV for Change staff, facilitated by ECV for Change Tors, and nourished by ECV community partners through a culturally competent approach and lens.

ECV for Change Tors are community advisors that provide support and guidance to Tees in their educational trajectories, long-term goals, and future career aspirations. Our inaugural cohort of ECV for Change Tors are current college students and college graduates with roots in the Coachella Valley. Our program pairs a Tor with a Tee, so that Tees are provided the one-on-one attention needed to thrive in their high school career and well beyond their high school graduation.

The ECV Mentorship Program Development is a project that will be used to recruit, retain, and expand our efforts within the ECV for Change mentorship program to support at-promise high school students in the Coachella Valley. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the need for additional support to high school students in their educational trajectory. In May 2021, the CVUSD has seen grade drops and even considered changing graduation requirements due to the hardships students have faced as a result of the pandemic.

The program, guided by our three core pillars--civic engagement, leadership development, and higher education--will have the lasting effects on each student: they will be equipped with the knowledge to become agents of their own trajectory through leadership development, be prepared with the foundational knowledge on the higher education process, and will practice service in the community through advocacy and organizing. These areas are foundational to our mission in empowering the Eastern Coachella valley one student at a time.

Contact: Ricardo Ramirez Chief Financial Officer