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The Peacemaker Corps

Peace in the Streets 2018-2019

The Peacemaker Corps Association's (PCA) project is an introduction of film and peacemaking, individually or as a team, to the youth of the Coachella Valley (CV). We propose to educate and train adult volunteer mentors and staff of the all of the Boys & Girls Club(s) (BG&C), the YMCA clubs, together with other CVA youth organizations and schools, to teach youth under 18 years of age (at no charge to the student) what peace means to them. Part of the training will include discussions of grassroots peacemaking and how to use the latest technology to make a film. STEAM (Sci, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math) methods are incorporated into the learning process.

MISSION STATEMENT PCA's mission is to facilitate and support peace and tolerance education among the youth of the world. PCA empowers generations to come together and make our world a peaceful, compassionate, safe and tolerant place to live. History: The PCA concept grew out of the United Nations mission to promote peace, tolerance and conflict resolution by learning the techniques and skill of "Story Telling with Active Listening." Restorative justice and resolving conflicts by learning ethics, civility, & communication will spread the work throughout their individual neighborhoods. In 2014, PCA launched the "Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival" (PSGFF) for youth, 18 and under. We believe that giving young people the tools and platform to have their voices heard and actively participate in making peace at home are the first steps to achieving our mission of peace in the streets. Our experience gives us confidence that this program will bring life-changing experiences through education with an economic impact to their communities. The 2014 PS High student from the B&GC was a Festival winner and was a featured speaker at the recent Youth March in Wash. D.C. In 2016 a member of the Cathedral City B&GC's Leadership Training program filmed a B&GC two-week trip to Africa and produced a film that was honored.