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Raymond Cree Middle School Vocal Music

Raymond Cree Middle School

New Choral Risers (2018-2019)

Raymond Cree Middle School just celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, and RCMS is the main feeder for Palm Springs High School. Both schools have full-time Vocal Music programs and need to upgrade/replace old equipment to continue providing quality Arts Education to students in grades 6-8 (RCMS) and 9-12 (PSHS). With this grant we will purchase a set of new 'choral risers' hat will be shared between RCMS and PSHS for concerts and performances.

RCMS' existing equipment is a set of heavy, cumbersome 'platform risers' which are often used by show choirs. These large, heavy 3'x8' platforms require multiple people to move and set up in a sizeable length of time. RCMS does not currently have any 'choral risers;' we have been borrowing pieces from PSHS and also from PSGMC (Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus).

PSHS' existing equipment is two types of choral risers: four very old wooden fold-up risers which are no longer produced, and four Wenger "Tourmaster" risers which have no backrails/safety railing and have become a bit wobbly. Their Tourmaster risers are estimated to be at least twenty years old and the wooden risers are may be forty years old.

With this grant we will purchase Wenger "Signature" risers. This modern model can be set up, taken down, and moved on wheels MUCH safer, faster, feel lighter, and include backrails for safety/fall protection. The new "Signature" risers will be used in multiple concerts, assemblies, and events each year at both RCMS and PSHS. Also, since a few other PSUSD schools have the same "Signature" risers, we can combine multiple sets to accommodate large combined choirs each spring at the annual PSUSD "SongFest" district choral concert. This year's SongFest included choirs from nine PSUSD schools; what a great number of singers to see onstage!

When students experience a better-quality performance experience like this, students feel their work is being valued; our choir students will feel a sense of equality and equity when they see that they have comparable equipment across sites.

And, just as importantly, our family and friends sitting in the audience will be able to see ALL of the students onstage better!

Thank you so much for awarding this grant to us. We are excited to continue enhancing the RCMS Vocal Music program and especially to enhance collaboration with our feeder school PSHS!