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Summer Camp Scholarships (2018-2019)

Tesoro Club annually raises funds to scholarship kids from the southeastern Coachella Valley to Alpine Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead CA. Taking these youths out of their everyday environment and sending them to a mountain camp allows them to enjoy experiences that include outdoor sports, crafts, water sports, music, team building, spiritual encouragement and support from the staff at Alpine Camp as well as our Tesoro Club staff who serve as camp counselors. For some kids camp is where they first learned to swim. For others it is an opportunity to make lasting friendships. Others find peace and solace from difficult home and school challenges. Many kids thrive on the input and one on one time with counselors. It is an excellent opportunity for relationship building with our staff and one another. Tesoro Club is in a unique position to work with kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend camp of this kind due to the lack of family resources. Since 2010 Tesoro Club has averaged sending over 200 kids to camp. Over the years we have witnessed the positive benefits camp has had on these kids, many coming from impoverished trailer parks and hard and problematic home lives.

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