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Tools for Tomorrow

Tools for Tomorrow

Tools for Tomorrow Theatre Troupe (2017-2018)

Tools For Tomorrow (TFT) provides free, on-site, after-school arts literacy programs for elementary school children in grades 3-5. It operates in 17 different school locations stretching from Desert Hot Springs to Mecca and has served over 17,000 children. Tools for Tomorrow uses professionally designed, child-friendly, and themed lessons to introduce students to the disciplines of music, creative writing, visual art, and drama. The children are exposed to the work of the "master," are taught the fundamentals of each art discipline, and are enabled to explore their own innate creative abilities through "hands-on" art projects and experiences.

The TFT Theatre Troupe program will provide students with an opportunity to design, a student-produced, student-presented complete theatrical production from designing sets and costumes to singing and performing in the play for hundreds of students and families. The class will be conducted at Rancho Mirage Elementary School and utilize a Tools for Tomorrow-trained teacher with extensive experience in teaching theatre arts all over California to both adults and children.

The TFT Theatre Troupe program is designed to develop and enhance the following skill sets: self-esteem, self-confidence, the ability to express oneself through theatre, critical thinking, reading with expression, collaboration, cooperation, improvisation, public speaking in front of a large audience, teamwork, responsibility, poise and presentation, importance of hard work, pacing oneself, making mistakes in a safe setting, sense of accomplishment, creativity, social maturity and memorization.

Contact Person: David Hirsch 

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