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Virginia Waring Intern'l Piano Competit

Waring International Piano Competition

Portable Keyboards for East Valley Elementary Schools (2018 -2019)

The Waring's Outreach Program to the East Valley includes hands on Keyboard instruction per classroom, live classical piano performance, and supplementary study guides. We bring in portable Yamaha keyboards, so that all students get hands on experience playing the instruments each class. No prior musical experience needed. This grant pays for portable keyboards that are donated to the school, so that students can continue playing and learning the piano after our Program ends. Parker Music Academy in Coachella provides the classroom instruction for this program. Music concepts (what is sound, how is it produced, what are the elements of music), vocabulary (rhythm, harmony, melody, lyric, ETC) and connections to math (musical note values, counting) and science (sound production) are covered during these sessions. The study guides are written according to Common Core Standards and California Music Curriculum.

The East Valley schools in Salton City, Thermal and Mecca are targeted because of the lack of arts exposure for these students. We want to reach the most underserved students of the Coachella Valley. Student and teachers responses to the classes have been incredible - increased attendance and decreases in behavioral issues. The teachers and students are so enthusiastic. We have a waiting list of classrooms wanting to participate.

Contact person: Ann Greer

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